Big B To Give Voice Over For Krrish 3 And Boss

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Big B To Give Voice Over For Krrish 3 And Boss

Big B even at 70 hasn’t lost his edge when it comes to powerful oration. According to sources, the actor is all set to lend his voice to two of the year’s biggest films – Boss and Krrish 3. Krrish 3 being a superhero film need a strong voice to do the voice overs in order to create a climactic effect in the film’s flow. Capturing audience’s interest is foremost in a superhero film, and given Amitabh Bachchan’s magnanimous speech quality, the film is beginning on a legendary note.

The actor will also lend his voice to Ashwin Warde’s thunderous action flick Boss, that stars Akshay Kumar as a lead face. Introducing the key characters of the film, his robust voice will give the desired impact-full feel to the film. Reports suggest that Big B was so impressed by Boss’ script that he was convinced without much persuasion.

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