Bigg Boss 7: Has VJ Andy entered Salman Khan’s bad books?

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(added 21 Sep 2013)
Bigg Boss 7: Has VJ Andy entered Salman Khan’s bad books?
If you saw the premiere night of Bigg Boss 7, we are sure the part where VJ Andy pokes fun at Salman Khan wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. For those who missed it, let’s recall that what exactly happened
So it was first day of Bigg Boss 7 and Salman Khan was introducing the contestants. While announcing the name of other contestants, the eternal bachelor fumbled a bit and VJ Andy who was already inside the house watching Salman on video poked fun at him.
The Dabangg actor had then taken Andy’s reaction in his stride with a hope that the makers of the show will edit that part of the episode. But Sallu bhai got miffed when the episode was aired without being edited. Now, we had seen last year how the hot-headed guy Salman had lashed out at Imam Siddiqui when he poked fun at the actor a number of times. Salman has compared the mannerisms of Andy with Imam. So does that mean, Andy will also have to bear the wrath of Salman like Imam did last season? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch
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