Deepika Padukone, the saviour of a child amid garba chaos

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If it’s a garba event attended by a celebrity it wouldn’t end without a chaos and this time too it has not been any exception. Recently in the Gujarat capital Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone made a special appearance at a garba event promoting her upcoming film, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela.
Deepika Padukone, the saviour of a child amid garba chaos
There was a huge crowd gathered to have a glimpse of the gorgeous beauty of Bollywood. As expected after a certain point of time, it got really difficult for Deepika’s management team to control the mob though security measures were taken at the level best. Amidst this entire ruckus, Deepika spotted a helpless child who was trapped in the crowd. When she realized that the child had no family member around, she personally came forward and rescued the kid.
A source close to the actress said, “Everyone was trying their best to catch a glimpse of Deepika, not realizing that a child was getting smothered in the middle.” It seems, Deepika took the child to a less-crowded place and tried to search for its parents. “Since she couldn’t spot them around the area, she asked her team to find them,” the source added. Later Deepika herself confirmed the news following by a confirmation from her spokesperson, “She was scared for the child, so she didn’t hesitate to step into the crowd.”
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