Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon proposes to Gauahar Khan on national TV!

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(added 30 Nov 2013)
The lovebirds of Bigg Boss 7 have never really confessed their true feelings for each other on the show, not until now. But that’s about to change. Kushal Tandon proposed to Gauahar Khan. Yes, you read it right. Small screen’s pin-up boy was competing with Ajaz Khan to woo Gauahar. Kushal confessed that whether he wins the task or not, he would like to be with Gauahar forever. Now that certainly was an emotional confession that got Gauahar teary eyed. All this high emotional drama will take place in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7. A special task – Kisko Pyaar Karun is going to be announced wherein Ajaz and Kushal will compete to win Gauahar’s heart.
Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon proposes to Gauahar Khan on national TV!
The winner would then get a chance go on a date with Ms Khan. Gauahar will choose the winner on the basis of few simple tasks. VJ Andy will host this task. The first round will have Kushal and Ajaz showcase their singing talent. Both men will croon romantic songs for the pretty lady.  The second round will be a dialogue based contest, where they will have to confess about what they like the most about Gauahar. This will be the moment when Kushal makes the big announcement. Ajaz on the other hand will promise Gauahar to love her no matter what her decision will be. Both Kushal and Ajaz will spend few minutes with Gauahar to win her over. Any guesses who wins? Obviously Kushal! After the task comes to an end, Ajaz a heartboken will turn Devdas and start singing dukhi songs.
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