Bollywood bikers' club

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(added 12 Mar 2014)
Very soon we will see Bollywood stars stop using cars and riding only bikes instead. We mentioned about Sidharth Malhotra buying himself a bike recently. Well now it seems that Uday Chopra is also planning to get one (a Harley davidson), assisted by good friends Dino Morea and Abhishek Bachchan. Dino and Abhishek both possess similar models of the same brand and have been planning to get together on bike rides around town. The trio are planning to call it the Harley Club. And we thought only Sanjay Dutt rode bikes around the city years ago when he possessed a Harley too! There's nothing we like better to see men in leather zipping round town.
Bollywood bikers' club
Salman Khan is the common man
Looks like Salman Khan is taking his act from his last movie Jai Ho very seriously. Last week people at the Mumbai domestic airport were surprised to see the superstar patiently waiting for his delayed flight. Says a source, "Salman had to fly to Delhi last Friday for Kick and the flight he had to take was delayed. But instead of throwing a tantrum at all, he patiently waited with his entourage till the flight was announced without a murmur. Apparently Salman doesn't mind traveling economy class if the producer asks him to fly down on an urgent basis for a song or scene." Now that's we call the will of the common man.
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