Tiger Shroff to pay tribute to Michael Jackson!

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(added 26 Jun 2014)
Tiger Shroff to pay tribute to Michael Jackson!
A little birdie tells us that Tiger Shroff has planned to pay a tribute to Michael Jackson by producing a music video. After receiving a warm welcome in B-town with his debut film Heropanti, Tiger began rehearsing for a music video that he will be shooting soon. We hear that he has remixed the song Whistle baja from Heropanti and Billy Jean from Jackson’s album Thriller. The video will be directed by his friend and despite being approached by sponsors, Tiger himself will be producing it. Tiger said, “I’m now putting my own money in it.”
He added, “Michael Jackson is my inspiration, he’s the reason I started dancing. The idea has been with me for several years but it’s only now that I feel ready to go ahead with it.” The video will be released online in the first week of July in which the Heropanti actor will be doing Michael Jackson's popular moonwalk. He confirmed, “Of course, I’ve practiced it enough. I can never be as good as MJ but as a mimic I think I do a pretty good job of it.” Tiger Shroff wants to see how his fans react to it. He said, “A lot of them have written to me asking for something like this.”
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