Bollywood stands by Aamir Khan’s controversial ‘PK’

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Guess what is the source of gossip and controversy this time? It's Aamir Khan’s “God man infused” PK. The Bollywood movie has been nursing controversies since the day it has been released. It may be gathering plenty of cash at the Box Office but has earned the scoffing of plenty of religious flak. The self proclaimed rightful protectors of religion claim that it has offended the religious sentiments of many though the Industry walas swear loyalty to PK, Hirani and Aamir Khan. Bajrang Dal furiously started to vandalize theaters relaying “PK” in Bhopal and Ahmedabad. Plenty of cameras caught these activists damaging the theaters screening PK. This attack has been scoffed and looked down upon by the industry walas. They have tweeted in support of PK and Salman Khan commented his support to Aamir pledging his friendship indirectly "Is PK not an amazing film?" said the “Kick star”.
Bollywood stands by Aamir Khan’s controversial ‘PK’
Pooja Bedi gave her viewpoint and stated "God wants SPIRITUAL FRUIT.. not RELIGIOUS NUTS!! LLet's support #PK. I love the bit in #PK when aamir says.. God created earth, planets. Galaxies &universes & u a mortal are "protecting" that gigantic force?". Not the one to be left behind, Aamir Khan’s co-actor of Dhoom 3 , Udai Chopra tweets "What a wonderful film #PK is...just saw it and I'm bowled over by it. It is the most important film that every Indian should see. Salute!" Talking in favor of PK, Bollywood producer Ritesh Sidhwani said "PK is a must watch. I am a believer and nowhere does it hurt our sentiments or questions religion. In fact it teaches you to love. And not fear in the name of God. What it rightfully does is questions the so called messengers and their role between us and our belief." Unable to resist his comments , Karan Johar remarked, "Attacking a duly censored film has to stop!!! What kind of a democracy are we living in?? No film should be targeted or be allowed to..,#PK." Condemning the aggressive attack, Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tweeted a piece of his mind and said "If we all are so enlightened than why do we need a film like #pk to question the pimps of religion. Isn't it common sense? All those gundas attacking cinema halls showing #pk must be arrested immediately and locked up with Asaram."
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