It’s unfair to go to a lawyer when a relationship doesn’t work said Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut was in Delhi recently to participate in the CII Young India conference, where some of her witty replies seemed to refer to her ongoing legal tussle with Hrithik Roshan about their alleged affair. When the anchor at the event asked, "Recently, you were in the news...", Kangana interrupted, "Thank you, is this why you called me here?" The anchor said, "No, no I was about to ask, what do you think about the legal system?" Kangana replied, "Well, I have to believe in it. What can you do when you are slapped a notice? For all you know, they can take you to jail!" Hrithik had sent a legal notice to Kangana, demanding an apology for calling him a 'silly ex', and Kangana's lawyer has sent the actor a notice in return.

It’s unfair to go to a lawyer when a relationship doesn’t work said Kangana Ranaut

At the CII event, Kangana said that she doesn't understand why people approach lawyers to resolve the differences in their relationship. She said, "I can't give advice to brides, I don't want to get into trouble here. Today, women are independent and need someone who can treat them nicely - they seek a partner in every sense. But - I still don't understand the legality of the whole process - when it doesn't work, why do people go to lawyers? That's a bit unfair, because everything is changing and you can grow out of a relationship." Towards the end of the interaction, the anchor said, "Kangana, pick a person who will ask last question." The actress refused, saying, "I have a knack for choosing the wrong people. No no, you do it." The last question was, "Kangana, if someone has to propose to you, what he should do?" And there was a moment of silence. The anchor said, "Please change the question," but Kangana went on to reply, "If a person wants to propose to me, well, good, at least they won't be sending me notices anymore. I want to clarify this. Send flowers with Ghalib ki shayari. I will consider."

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