Karva Chauth: Fasting for husbands' long life

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Karva Chauth: Fasting for husbands' long lifeMarried women fast from morning for their husbands’ long lives on Karva Chauth. They end their fast in the evening only after seeing the full moon and break it after their husbands offer water and food to them. The custom is generally followed by north Indian Hindus.

On this day, women dress up in their best in traditional attire with mehndi on their hands and gorgeous attire. The festival is not only important for married women but also for newly-wed women. Women sit in a circle and pass puja plate to each other even as the family’s most elderly women recite Karva chauth katha.

A lady who has been observing Karva Chauth for the last 28 years shared its rituals. She says, “Karva means a small pot filled with water which is placed in front of Lord Ganesh. On this day, we worship Lord Ganesh for our husbands’ long life. After fasting for the whole day, we follow certain rituals in the evening before we take food or water. Married women who observe fast will see the moon through the sieve. After this ritual, they see their husband through the sieve.” So, why do married women fast for their husbands? A woman says, “Married women consider their husbands as gods. So if devotees can fast for the Lord, then married women can definitely observe fast for their husbands.”

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