Paswan promotes son's film

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The former Union Minister and Lok Jan Shakti Party president, Ram Vilas Paswan, on Tuesday promoted his son Chirag Paswan's Bollywood career ahead of the release of his maiden film on November 4. Mr. Paswan has launched a campaign for Chirag's successful debut in “Miley Na Miley Hum,” which will first be released in his parliamentary constituency in Bihar, Hajipur, on November 3.

Paswan promotes son's film

Mr. Paswan organised a road show in Patna on Monday and will be in Hajipur and Mumbai for its premiere and then for the release the next day. On Thursday, he presented Chirag along with Kangna Ranaut, Sagarika Ghatke and Neeru Singh at his residence in Delhi. Chirag admitted his entry into filmdom was made easy by his strong political background, but stressed that he had had his share of struggle as a newcomer. “It all boils down to talent and calibre to dig in your feet in the industry. If I'm not good I'll be thrown out,” he said.

Chirag, who campaigned for his father in the Lok Sabha elections, said politics was in his veins and he could not be away from it. He was fulfilling his childhood dream of being a film star. “I'll do politics. My interest in politics will continue and serving the country is on my priority list.”

His father said he was unaware of his son's desire for acting and came to know of it only when the film's producer, Annuj Saxena, approached him with an offer. He said his wife confirmed Chirag's keenness to become an actor. Mr. Paswan said the best course for any parent was to allow his ward to exploit his own talents and chart his own career. Actor Kangna said Chirag's approach was professional. “He is a very responsible and sensitive man. He never talked or discussed politics on the sets.”

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