Jodi Breakers - Movie Review

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Jodi Breakers - Movie ReviewDirector Ashwini Chaudhary's latest film Jodi Breakers is an unusual romantic comedy of unusual pair R Madhavan and Bipasha Basu. The movie has all essential masala elements for the film goers. The movie is different from other Hindi film. Majority of films are about people falling in love, but this one is about a pair that separates people.

Jodi Breakers is a love story of home breakers. Brilliant performances by Madhavan and Bipasha Basu are the major highlights of the film. Salim and Sulaiman's music, camera work, Omi Vaidya's wonderful comic timing, good script, clever and crisp dialogues and beautiful locations of Greece are its other attractions. What spoil the beauty of the film are predictability and lack of freshness in the second half, and poor editing.

The movie is all about dysfunctional relationships, which eventually lead to break ups. The big strengths of Jodi Breakers are its script and wonderful dialogues that keep the story going. The film starts as a comedy, but gradually morphs into romance and loses momentum. The suspense element, interesting twists and turns in the first half keep viewers enthralled. The movie goes predictable in the second half and it lacks the freshness.

Sid Khanna (R Madhavan), who has parted his ways with his wife and no longer believes in marriage, is a break-up specialist, who helps wronged parties out of bad relationships. He happens to meet and Sonali (Bipasha Basu) at Nano’s (Omi Vaidya) pub, where he offers her to become his partner in his business as a Jodi Breaker. The duo runs a pretty good business until they come across a deal, which though lucrative turns their lives upside down. Sid’s ex-wife, Mark (Milind Soman), Maggie (Dipannita Sharma) and Mark’s granny Modanna (Helen) are the clients in this deal. What happens next will form the crux of the film.

As marriage breaker Sid, R Madhavan looks superb and he has delivered wonderful performance. As his business partner Shaonali, Bipasha Basu is also brilliant. And it is a delight to watch the romantic moments between these unusual pair. The man adds comic spice to their romance is 3 Idiots fame Omi Vaidya. Others like Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma and Helen are also good in their respective roles.

There are no big attractions in the technical front. Salim and Sulaiman Merchant's music is average. A romantic song and 'Bipasha' are good to listen. The dialogues sync well with the theme of the film. Although cinematographer has beautifully captured the locations of Greece, he fails in sentimental sequences. Editing is another big drawback of the film. Overall, Jodi Breakers is good entertainer and you can watch it at least for superb acting of Madhavan and Bipasha Basu.

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