Aggression is my strength, cannot curb it: Kohli

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Aggression is my strength, cannot curb it: KohliIndia's Virat Kohli feels aggression is one of the his strengths and the cricketer feels he should not curb it on field. "My aggression is my plus point. It's because of my aggression that I have been able to perform so well on the field till now. I don't think I need to try bringing the level down. I agree sometimes I do cross the line that I think I need to take care of," he said

Talking about Dhoni, Kohli sais he is a cool captain on and off the field. "When it comes to Dhoni, he is very calm be it on the field or otherwise." Kohli who has been talkin to Dhoni abour controlling his aggression said, "I have been speaking to MS (Dhoni) a lot about it. He is one who doesn't sink or go above that line. He is someone who is always around that calm line. It is important to learn such things from such important people.

"He keeps telling me that once I stay around that line I would keep improving as a cricketer. Once that graph goes too much above or drops you end up putting yourself under pressure," Kohli said. But now, after giving heed to Dhoni's advice, Kohli has said that he believes in being himself and now ready to control his aggression on the field. "Just be yourself and don't get bothered about what people think about you. That is what I follow," he said.

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