PICS: Bollywood stars and their SUPERSEXY bikes

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(added 25 Aug 2012)

PICS: Bollywood stars and their SUPERSEXY bikes

Just as promised, we bring to you the collection of John Abraham's bike collection. To recap, we had shared with you the collection of bikes owned by famous Hollywood star Brad Pitt. And now, we bring to you the list of the Bollywood stars, who breathe, eat, drink and endorse bikes.

John is the first Bollywood name that comes to mind when one thinks about bikes. He is known for treating his bikes like his babies and is often spotted speeding on the streets of Mumbai late at night, enjoying his space and time alone. His passion is such that he often uses a ringtone which in real is the sound of his Yamaha R1. We present to you the most desirable bachelor boy with his love... Topping the list are the Yamaha R1 1000cc and the V-Max 1700cc bikes. Along with him we also bring to you the bikes owned by two more desirable Bollywood stars: Shahid Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt.

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