Cinema is nobody's birthright, says 'Student of the Year' star Varun Dhawan

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Cinema is nobody's birthright, says 'Student of the Year' star Varun Dhawan

Director David Dhawan's son Varun, who will be making his acting debut with Karan Johar's 'Student Of The Year', says that filmdom belongs to everyone and is not anyone's birthright. "Cinema is not anyone's birthright. Everyone can enjoy it, no matter who they are or where they are from. I knew that if I have to do something, I will do it on my own. I wanted to show this to my family too. I have taken very less help," Varun told IANS in a group interview. Hailing from a film background, the star kid does not like when people assume it must have been easy for him.

"There are negative effects of being a star kid. People often think that just because I am someone's son, I will get ahead easily," he said. Does being David Dhawan's son raise people's expectations from you? "That is a given. If my own father suffers from his own brand, then who am I. I just try to be positive. I have had a comfortable childhood and that is only because of my father, so I cannot turn around and say that I wish he was not my father," he said.

With a dream to enter Bollywood, Varun was told by his family that they will be there for him, but not when it comes to professional help. "My dream was to get into acting, but I couldn't tell my father. It used to make me uncomfortable. When I was 16, I told him that I want to be an actor and he said, 'Become one,' in serious tone. I started thinking what to do and my mother told me not to expect any help," he said.

After working as an assistant director on the sets of 'My Name Is Khan', Varun went on for trainning under Barry John and did a few short films. It was one of the short films that impressed Karan. He plays a rich brat in 'Student Of The Year' and says it is a relatable character. "I play the role of Rohan Nanda, who associates himself with Delhi's high society and is well connected. Very pampered and a bit sunky, he always does everything differently. He is grey at places. But he is very simple from his heart. The emotions are simple and anyone will be able to relate to him," he said.

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