Salman Khan recommends new security agency to Yash Chopra's studio

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Salman Khan recommends new security agency to Yash Chopra's studio Salman Khan has given Yash Raj Films their biggest hit till date with Ek The Tiger that has raked in over Rs 180 crore. And now YRF has gone ahead and signed Salman’s make-up man Sudesh Naag’s (aka Raju) security agency to provide protection to the stars inside the studio. Buzz is that Sallu apparently put in a word for him at the Andheri-based studio.

A source informs, “Till date Ronit Roy’s company was providing the security cover for all their films. The studio had an exclusive contract with Ronit’s agency. Salman was never involved with the studio before Ek Tha Tiger and that’s when all the equations changed.”

Yash Chopra’s studio was even in the news for bending several of their company rules for the star. The source adds, “The studio allowed Sallu’s vanity van on their premise and even gave him a bound script. So, it was clear that Salman definitely had his say there.” Salman is known to help his friends and no wonder that he would try and help his make-up man as well.

The source states, “A call from Salman went to YRF and they immediately took his advice. However, they have not terminated Ronit’s contract and the work will be equally divided between the two companies.” The official spokesperson of YRF says, “We work with both the agencies for our multiple projects.”

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