Sonakshi: No bikini for this Salman Khan girl

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Sonakshi Sinha is clear that she will not expose, but the actress is open to do all kinds of roles otherwise. And that is perhaps why she picked up the role of the loud boisterous character in Ajay Devgn’s Son of Sardaaar.

Sonakshi, No bikini for this Salman Khan girl

“It all began when Ashwini Dhir narrated the script to me. I loved the script and I was laughing aloud even as I was in the narration. I realized that after watching the film people will also be in splits and hence I agreed to do the film and this was just after Dabangg where I had a different role. It is the role of a loud Sikhni,” says the actress.

Dabangg had her in a serious role. “The role in Rowdy Rathore was a serious-comic one and this one is a loud out and out comedy,” says the actress, clearly sidestepping any mention of her failed film at the box office with Akshay Kumar – Joker.

For Sonakshi 'Son of Sardaar' was also a learning experience as well. She did learn a few things including riding a bike and let us tell you that it wasn’t really easy though Sonakshi claims that she was a tad fast in learning the ride. “I took a few weeks to get the hang of bike riding, but I learnt it eventually,” says the actress who has managed to get into the 100 crore club twice over.

“There are times when a script sounds very good, but does not turn out well on screen. I did Rowdy Rathore 2 years after I did 'Dabangg' and thankfully both of them did very well and collected a lot of money for my producers. So I am happy. I normally do not let the pressure get on to me because at the end of the day, the film has the pressure not the artiste.

The artiste’s job ends when he or she has finished shooting and then dubbing,” says Sonakshi. The actress quickly adds, “But yes, it is good when a film does well and one does feel bad when a movie does not.”

But then Sonakshi does not listen to scripts alone before working on them. “My mother does try and make it to narrations when I hear scripts. I also take the advice of my father and my mother before signing on films because they have the experience and I will be foolish not to take the advice when it is so readily available for me,” says Sonakshi.

Sonakshi is now looking forward to play a married woman. “If you remember, I got married in the last scene of 'Dabangg' and hence in 'Dabangg 2' I play a girl who is married. The sequel has a lot of fun and more comic and action scenes than the first one. A few new cast members will add a bit of masala to the film,” she adds. Sonakshi has been looking Indian in most of her films and is called the only girl who has the Indian look among her contemporaries and Sona is not too fine with the perception.

“I guess no one has issues when people wear western clothes, but if someone wears Indian, why do they have an issue. I do not want to change any perceptions about me. I look good and have got compliments for the way I present myself on screen,” she signs off.

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