Salman Khan's Bodyguard to unveil first look of his film

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For 15 years, he has willingly risked his own life and vowed to take a bullet for Salman Khan. And now, the actor is paying him back his dues. Deciding to take a back seat himself, Salman has asked his real life bodyguard Shera to unveil the first look of his film Bodyguard at a Juhu multiplex, this evening.

Salman Khan's Bodyguard to unveil first look of his film

It all started with Salman suddenly approaching Atul Agnihotri (producer of Bodyguard), with his new concept. Though Agnihotri was sceptical at first, he reluctantly agreed to Salman's terms. Shera was caught off guard by the overwhelming offer from the star. It took quite a while for Shera to get a grasp of the situation. When he got hold of his nerves, he told Salman that it is indeed an honour for him, and he shall fulfill Salman's wish.

Though it comes as a surprise to Shera, this surely isn't the first time that Salman has decided to take care of his bodyguard. Previously, Salman Khan turned down a whopping Rs 7 crore offer to wear a certain security company's uniform in Bodyguard. Instead he opted for his own personal bodyguard's brand. When contacted, Shera told Mumbai Mirror, "I couldn't believe it at first. It felt surreal. I had to pinch myself to make sure that this indeed was real. Salmanbhai's wish is my command. Salmanbhai has always taken care of me and this gesture just proves that how great a human being he is. He is family to me. I owe everything to him."

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