Post 'Talaash', Saif Ali Khan plans to throw party for Kareena

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Kareena Kapoor is getting rave reviews for her performance in Reema Kagti's "Talaash", and husband Saif Ali Khan is planning to throw a small party to celebrate the actress' success. "Saif is still in Lucknow shooting for his film. He is very excited as he has been receiving messages from our family and friends about my performance in 'Talaash'," Kareena said.

Post 'Talaash', Saif Ali Khan plans to throw party for Kareena

"He was happy about the fact that this is my first big film after our wedding and we have broken the norm to prove that even married women can get the box office going. "Saif and I are quite thrilled about this and Saif is planning for a small party with friends and family as soon as he is back.

He wants to have a small get together, now let us see how things fall in place," she added. Kareena and Saif exchanged wedding vows last month in an intimate ceremony. A decade after "Chameli", Kareena once again plays the role of a prostitute in "Talaash". The actress is delighted that her performance in the new film has been accepted well by the audience.

"It's quite ironic that I did 'Chameli' when I was 22 and I did 'Talaash' when I am 32. So exactly after a decade I played a prostitute's role and both my roles were accepted well by the audience," Kareena said.
"It is easy to do song and dance, though it is a part of me and my USP, but I feel really blessed to play something like this on screen," she added.

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