Will marriage affect Vidya Balan’s career?

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How will Vidya Balan’s career proceed post-marriage? Will her upcoming movies prove themselves at the box office? How compatible are Vidya and Siddharth?  Tarot tells us. Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur are both ruled by the element of Fire, where passion for life and over-exuberance can dominate their personalities.

Will marriage affect Vidya Balan’s career

The Empress and the King of Wands reaffirm their strong presence, yet a real desire to bind together a successful marriage. The cards do advise more softness in their approach to marital life, especially as the Strength card indicates a strong desire to over-control each other.

Both will go through a world of changes in their journey together and may even show reluctance to deal with problems, but the Three of Cups keeps them positive in overcoming their difficulties. The new chapter in Vidya’s life and the new year bring with them certain changes in her career.

The Devil card does represent some very lucrative acting opportunities but these may not culminate into the type of success promised. Instead, with the appearing of the Ten, Two and Knight of Swords, there is extreme hard work ahead to even achieve a set standard of success. 2013 will be a tough year, whereas 2014 will slowly bring her back on track.

Vidya’s Ghanchakkar opposite Emraan Hashmi will not find her receiving enough prominence. Although the film, like the Seven of Pentacles will eventually do well, it is currently going through strains and issues which can effect the final product.

Whereas, Shaadi Ke Side Effects with Farhan Akhtar will gradually to pick up at the box office but will receive mixed reviews. This is reflected by the Ten of Cups which shows the film being appreciated by the audiences and hence receiving an above average collection. One thing common with both releases is that neither films are strong career movers for Vidya.

In looking at Vidya’s career post marriage, it was interesting to also have a look at Siddharth’s career in general too, especially as the Four of Wands explains his desire to cement his career’s foundations further. This will not be as easy as he would hope for, since the Eight of Cups and Two of Swords warn of the importance of not over-looking repetitive decision making mistakes.

With a tough 2014, it will be important for Siddharth to be wise and cautious in 2013. The positive aspect will be his attitude – Emperor-like – commanding and assertive. Overall, it will be a challenging two years ahead for both Vidya and Siddharth.

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