Salman Khan angry with CCL organisers over security arrangements

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(added 20 Feb 2013)

In Hyderabad to cheer his brother's team in Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), Salman Khan apparently got into trouble with the CCL organizers and has accused them of making careless security arrangements. On Wednesday that Salman Khan was disgruntled with the CCL organizers for careless security arrangements. When Salman Khan left the field, at least 90 bikers followed his car, the report further said.

Salman Khan angry with CCL organisers over security arrangements

The bikers, who were apparently waiting for Salman Khan to come out of the grounds, tried to draw the attention of the Bollywood actor by banging their bikes on the car's sides. Meanwhile, watching brother Sohail Khan lose in the CCL match at Hyderabad, Salman Khan is said to have planned to play for Sohail's team next year. Mumbai Mirror said in a report that Salman Khan has told his close friends that his joining the team will bring victories as the Bollywood actor feels winning is a habit with him. Salman Khan feels the magic will rub onto his brother's team as well, Mumbai Mirror further reported.

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