Wealthy Santosh falls in love with poor Shanti, who lives with her alcoholic Compounder dad, much to the chagrin of his mother, Brijbala, who wants a wealthy daughter-in-law. The marriage does take place, and Shanti endures considerable abuse, which ends after her mother-in-law makes a secret deal with Kundanlal, and she becomes pregnant.. Abuse resumes, after her dad fails to live-up to his deal, as well as Santosh finds out that the child is not his. Shortly thereafter, Kundanlal will be told that his daughter has been run-over by a truck and killed instantly. Several months later, Santosh's pretty sister, Raksha, will be shocked to find out that Shanti is still alive, pregnant, calls herself Sharda, and lives with a truck-driver goon named Mangudada.
Kanan Kaushal, Vijay Sharma, Jayshree T., more..
M.M. Pushkarna
Release Date
Sat Jan, 01 1972

Cast Overview

Kanan Kaushal
Vijay Sharma
Jayshree T.
Bharat Bhushan

Crew Overview

Rattandeep Hemraaj
... Music Director
M.M. Pushkarna
... Director