Whenever you get

Whenever you get
Whenever you get pains in your life. just think about the fullform of pains. ‘positive attitude in negative situation’ follow it & your life will change.. good morning…

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A nice saYing: "The depth of Your character will be revealed in the waY You respond to situations You dislike...!" Gm
Dreams are god's way of showing what we can achieve. And he wakes us up every morning to give us a chance to achieve it. So do your best!
Experience makes one modified.Training makes one qualified.But, Involvment alone makes everyone Satisfied!So do all work with involvment.G'Mrng!
"HOPE is the Ability to Hear the Music of the FUTURE.And FAITH is Having the Courage to Dance to it TODAY!."..
G-GOd O- Offers us O- outstinding D- Devotion .be good gd mrng
Tension is the poison of the ambition. So no more tensions, Have full attention on ur ambition, Then only U will be in good position..GM
"NEVER CHANGE UR ORIGINALITY" 4 the sake of others ... coz no 1 can play ur role better than u...gd mrng
"24 sweet hrs make 1 sweet day"!! "7 sweet days make 1 sweet week"!! "4 sweet week make 1 sweet month"!! but... "1 sweet person like u makes the life sweet! GOOD MORNING
A Child Laughs Abt 400 Times A Day But Man Laughs Only 15 Times A Day, B A Child By Mind. Forget Ur Worries & B Happy.GM
I never knew wat wonder a frnd can do..S,surely they can change things around u into smiles,sunshines n happiness.JUST T WAY U KEEP ON DOING.GM
You Will Never Be Anything in the World Without Courage .It is The Greatest Quality Of The Mind.GM
The BIGGEST PAIN in LIFE isto sit just beside a PERSON you LOVE a LOT and know the fact that the PERSON can never be urs in this LIFE TIME.gud mrng