Don’t give special

Don’t give special
Don’t give special place to any one in you heart, its easy to give that place but it hurts more when they don’t know the value of that place.

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When God gave us friends he tried to be fair. But when I got you I got more than my share
Never try alone to take the weight of a tear that comes out of Ur heart & falls through Ur eyes, always remember a Friend is here to share..
Nature is good, trees are good, But, friends like you are very good.
Friendship is a sun, which rises, Only when your heart has set on it Friendship is a throne, on which you can sit, Only when you share your kingdom with it.
A friendship is like a winding road, You never know where it is going to go. But there is something that I do know, Which is that our friendship will continue to grow.
There's story behind every friendship. Each friend we make is start of each story, our story had a [email protected] begining.. Hope this story,never has an ending
Jyotishi ladke Ka Haath Dekhkar bola: Beta Tum Bahut PadhogeLadka: Saale,Padh To Main 3 saal Se Raha Hu, Yeh Bata Paas Kab Hounga...??
My FRIENDSHIP is Like a SUGARCANE... You Crush it, Twist it, Squeez it, Beat it to pulp... All that you'll get is only SWEETNESS…
Frndship is a package of FEELING... Nobdy can make it. Nobdy can delete it. Nobdy can explain it. Real frnds can feel it...
I prayed for a red bike, God gave me blue. I lost my old cap, He gave me new. I asked for a friend who will always be true. I prayed and prayed, till came you.
A frnd scolds like dad,cares like mom,teases like sis,irritates like bro,luvs like sweetheart. FRNSHIP The blend of all relations.
Shores never meet, but share the same ocean. the moon & stars could not be one, yet are in the same sky.we may not meet often, but yet you are my good friend.