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Kareena Kapoor following Vidya Balan, Katrina Kaif's footsteps

The lavani is a Marathi folk dance and in recent days it seems to have become the best-loved dance form in Bollywood. Recently, actress Katrina Kaif rocked the screens with her lavani dance 'Chikn...

Posted On: Feb 22, 2012 | Comments : 0

Rakhi Sawant - Katrina has followed my steps in "Chikni Chameli"

Katrina Kaif has spread her sizzling magic again... As "Chikni Chameli" in Agneepath's item song Katrina has went on to prove that even she is capable of doing jhatkas and thumkas on pac...

Posted On: Dec 20, 2011 | Comments : 0

Priyanka follows in the foot steps of Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare’s anshan has inspired one and all for sure. Taking a leaf out of Anna’s book, Bollywood hottie Priyanka Chopra chose not to eat food for over three days while shooting for her ...

Posted On: Sep 19, 2011 | Comments : 0

Dance Sensation HRITHIK ROSHAN Rehearses Dance Steps In His SLEEP

Bollywood icon and dance sensation,Hrithik Roshan, has revealed his most sought after dance tips as he admits to "Putting in relentless hours of rehearsals" to create those iconic and effort...

Posted On: May 04, 2011 | Comments : 0
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