A. K. Hangal Bio - Biography

Name A. K. Hangal
Naionality Indian
Date of Birth 1917
Place of Birth Sialkot, Punjab British India/
Famous for Acting
Avtar Kishan Hangal was born to Pandit Hari Kishan Hangal. He belongs to the Kashmiri Pandit community. His childhood was spent in Peshawar, where he had performed in theatre for some major roles. However, his primary occupation for the early part of his life was that of a tailor. He was an active participant in the Indian freedom struggle. Following his father's retirement, the family moved from Peshawar to Karachi. He moved to Bombay after the Partition of India in 1949 after 3 years in prison in Pakistan. He was involved with the theatre group IPTA along with Balraj Sahni and Kaifi Azmi, both of whom had Marxist leanings.

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