Ravi Verma is a ruthless, & unprincipled lawyer, who will bend the law to seek an acquittal for his clients, who are mainly his father-in-law's, Tejeshwar Singhal friends and business partners. One of Ravi's victim's is Satyaprakash, the local Municipal Commissioner, who is arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges by Purchotam Jalan. Ravi's wife, Kajal Verma is aware of this, and not too comfortable with the manner of Ravi's lifestyle. Tejeshwar's friends arrange for Satyaprakash's death in prison, and label it as a "suicide". Satyaprakash's son finds out about his dad's predicament and swears to avenge his humiliation and death, and he does so by grievously injuring Ravi Verma, and killing Kajal. Ravi is reduced to the life of a "vegetable", and has no recollection of his past life. Fearful of Ravi's loss of memory, Tejeshwar and his friends scheme and plot to bring back Ravi's memories by hiring a look-alike of Kajal, namely a dancer named Kajri. Will this succeed in helping Ravi regain his memory and his love for Kajal? Will Karan let Ravi & Kajri live? Or will Ravi recover his memory and prosecute Karan to the full extent of his "law"?
Sanjay Dutt, Chandrachur Singh, Mahima Chaudhry, more..
Raj Kanwar
Release Date
Fri Feb, 12 1999

Cast Overview

Sanjay Dutt
... Captain Karan Singh
Chandrachur Singh
... Ravi Varma
Mahima Chaudhry
... Kajal Verma / Kajri
Shakti Kapoor
... Dr. Anand
Sushma Seth
... Dai

Crew Overview

Raj Kanwar
... producer
K. Pappu
... co-producer
Robin Bhatt
... screenplay
Jainendra Jain
... dialogue
Raj Kanwar
... written by