Police are concerned about murders of young brides being committed in the town of Mangal Pur, so they assign this case to CID Inspector Roshanlal. When Roshanlal fails to report back, they re-assign this case to Inspector Ajay, who decides to travel there incognito as a Press Reporter. En-route he meets with his sweetheart, Manisha, who is a Press Reporter, also on her way to this town. They soon find out that Mangal Pur is a dreaded place where no one wants to go, including taxi-drivers. They manage to walk part of the way, get separated, Manisha falls down and loses her memory. Ajay finds his way to Mangal Pur - and this is where he will be pitted against a vengeful shape-changing spirit of a burnt, disfigured, former Poojary of a Shiv Mandir and his dead bride, Mala - both of whom have sworn to avenge their respective deaths by killing newly-wed brides - and there is no power on Earth that can stop them.
Rakesh Bedi, Sudhir Dalvi, Bharat Kapoor, more..
Chandaal Atma
Release Date
Fri Jan, 01 1999

Cast Overview

Rakesh Bedi
... Dilher Darpok Singh
Sudhir Dalvi
... Shivdas
Bharat Kapoor
... Zamindar Thakur Raj Singh
Parveen Khan
... Inspector Ajay
Rahul Kumar
... Chandan Das

Crew Overview

Avinash Chander
... producer
Kalyan Bardhan
... Music
Vikas Daripkar
... Film Editing
Sapna Awasthi
... singer
Mohammed Aziz
... singer