Zor is a film about how innocent people are targeted by mafia and politicians to turn them into terrorist for their benefits. Arjun (Sunny Deol) a Photographer is only a son of Police Commissioner (Anupam Kher) and happy with his Mother, younger sister and grandmother. He meets Aarti (Sushmita Sen) a low profile reporter in a small daily who wants to make name as a famous reporter and both fall in love. Both decides to marry but there is problem. Arjun tells Nisha that they need to wait for an approval from his close friend Iqbal (Milind Gunaji) who is former Army captain (Expert in explosive) before they could get married. Meanwhile Arjun's father is blamed for letting off an unknown terrorist and declared as traitor. Iqbal also present at Arjun's home during Arjun's sister engagement while police arrest Commissioner. Arjun knows its a conspiracy against his dad and sets off to find the vanished terrorist and catch the people behind the conspiracy to restore his father's dignity. Meanwhile Iqbal leaves Arjun's home without any clue.
Sunny Deol, Mohan Agashe, Milind Gunaji, more..
Sangeeth Sivan
Release Date
Fri Feb, 13 1998

Cast Overview

Sunny Deol
... Arjun Singh
Mohan Agashe
... Sawmi Satyavadhi
Milind Gunaji
... Iqbal Khan
Govind Namdeo
... Sharad Patil
Rana Jung Bahadur
... DSP Chautala

Crew Overview

Vivek Kumar
... Producer
... Music
Gopal Rao
... Music
... Music
... singer