Satyadev Singh lives with his wife, Ganga, and two sons, Sham and Ghansham, and their family leads a fairly comfortable life. Things turn for the worse for them when a new corrupt Collector named Bhim Singh enters their region. Satyadev is killed, and Ganga has to flee with her children away from this region, and from Bhim Singh. Years later, Sham and Ghansham have grown up and would like to avenge their father's death. Their quest takes them to Collector Bhim Singh and his men, who are ready to let history repeat itself, by killing the sons of Satyadev Singh.
Rakhee Gulzar, Chandrachur Singh, Arbaaz Khan, more..
Ashok Ghai
Release Date
Thu Jan, 01 1998

Cast Overview

Rakhee Gulzar
... Ganga
Chandrachur Singh
... Sham
Arbaaz Khan
... Ghansham
Priya Gill
... Geeta
Pooja Batra
... Roopa

Crew Overview

Ashok Ghai
... producer
Kamal Kumar Jain
... executive producer
Ravi Shankar Jaiswal
... additional dialogue
Ram Kelkar
... additional dialogue
Vishal Bhardwaj
... Music