Ravi and Vijay's friendship was an example by itself. One was Life-Jaan, the other Jigar-Courage, the famous singer Ravi Kumar and the daring Vijay Kumar. Vijay's mother looked after Ravi since his childhood; as such Ravi's life is indebted to them. It was said that nobody could separate the two friends. Vijay's father was died when he was very young and till today his mother had not told him that the reason for his father's death was Jaikishan who is hiding from Vijay. Jaikishan is dreaded by all the rich people and every poor man loves his name. Some times Vijay and Jaikishan do meet, but they do not recognize each other. One day Vijay falls in love with a girl called Meena. The same girl, by the name of Minu falls in love with Ravi. Both Vijay and Ravi love the same girl, and one day Vijay comes to know that the girl whom he loves and who is his life is in arm of Ravikumar. Vijay's life come to standstill and from here begins a series of misunderstandings.
Jackie Shroff, Ayub Khan, Mamta Kulkarni, more..
Jaane Jigar
Release Date
Sun Feb, 01 1998

Cast Overview

Jackie Shroff
... Jaikishan
Ayub Khan
... Ravi Kumar
Mamta Kulkarni
... Meenu
Manek Bedi
... Vijay
Mohnish Bahl
... Monty

Crew Overview

B.R. Sahni
... producer
Mrs. Prem Sahni
... associate producer
Vikas Sahni
... co-producer
Raju Naik
... Music
Rajesh Roshan
... Music