An eligible bachelor and Bollywood film-maker, Amar lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai. He meets with and falls in love with an actress, Gul, romances, and then marries her. They live harmoniously for a few years then differences crop up, and a pregnant Gul decides to leave, and starts making a living as a high-class prostitute with Balaam Hyderabadi as her pimp. She gives birth to a daughter, Sona, and with Kishan Murari's help, admits her in a hostel in Delhi, so that Sona can grow up without knowing her mother's professional career. She then gives birth to Mohan and let's him live with her but keeps her professional life a secret from him as well. As years pass, she starts to age and Balaam asks her to get a young woman on whom she can depend on financially. Initially Gul refuses but when she is assaulted and hospitalized, she changes her mind and brings home a young prostitute, Roopa, who was also a patient in the hospital, and introduces her to a much-delighted Balaam. With Roopa in the house and her future secure, Gul decides to visit Sona in Delhi - and it is this visit that will alter her life forever.
Mumtaz Begum, Shail Chaturvedi, Gulshan Grover, more..
D.S. Azad
Release Date
Thu Jan, 01 1998

Cast Overview

Mumtaz Begum
... Amar's maidservant
Shail Chaturvedi
... Patel
Gulshan Grover
... Mohan
... Gupta
Shashi Kapoor
... Amar

Crew Overview

Gita Azad
... producer
M.L. Jain
... producer
Bhushan Banmali
... dialogue
Vasu Bhagat
... story
Usha Khanna
... Music