Vicky studies in a college in Bombay, and is quite popular with his fellow-students. His fight is against other students, like Bobby and Shakti, who distribute drugs and molest young women at will, without being disciplined by the college authorities. This places Vicky in the bad books of the college, and leads to a students' strike and the involvement of the police. The next day, the college principal, Rajni Bhargav, is found dead, and the police arrest Vicky as they have evidence against him. Vicky's is in more trouble than he thought he would be in as the principal's son is a Police Inspector, Karan, who has sworn to beat the life out of Vicky, as well as sent him to the gallows. Vicky claims he is innocent to no avail. And the only way he can prove his innocence is by escaping from his cell - but that will only enrage Karan as well as make him look even more guilty in the eyes of the law. Vicky has to now to chose between the two and attempt to redeem himself.
Kamal Sadanah, Neelam Kothari, Deepak Tijori, more..
Hameed Alam
Release Date
Fri Feb, 27 1998

Cast Overview

Kamal Sadanah
... Vicky
Neelam Kothari
... Priya
Deepak Tijori
... Inspector Karan Bhargav
... Bijli (as Kaanchan
... Principal Rajni Bhargav

Crew Overview

Rajesh Agarwal
... Producer
Dilip Sen
... Music
Sameer Sen
... Music