Poor Krishna Prasad and Pooja are in love and would like to marry each other. But Pooja's dad, Din Dayal, wants her to marry a wealthier man, and rejects Krishna. Krishna agrees to acquire wealth, and promises Pooja that he will return after a few years. Five years go by, and Krishna does not return, Din Dayal can wait no longer, and gets Pooja married to Deepak. Shortly after this marriage, Krishna returns as a multi-millionaire, and is angered at Pooja for not waiting for him. Krishna than sets upon plotting vengeance against Pooja and Deepak, that will tear their relationship apart.
Govinda, Mamta Kulkarni, Saeed Jaffrey, more..
Kirti Kumar
Release Date
Thu Dec, 18 1997

Cast Overview

... Krishna Prasad
Mamta Kulkarni
... Pooja
Saeed Jaffrey
... Dharamdas
Shakti Kapoor
... Lalli
Kader Khan
... Master Chaban

Crew Overview

Vinay Kumar Sinha
... Producer
Shravan Rathod
... Music
Nadeem Saifi
... Music
S.M. Anwar
... Cinematography
V.N. Mayekar
... Film Editing