Inspector Kishan lives a middle-class lifestyle in Mumbai, India, along with his younger brother, Rahul. He is in love with Kavita, the daughter of a Mantri, Dindayal Kallu, while Rahul is in love with Neena. The city is being held to ransom by corrupt politicians like Rana Jung Bahadur who openly associate with gangsters and criminal dons like Chaurasia, Rajeshwar and his brother, Lankeshwar. But when Chaurasia decides to take the larger share of the underworld market, a gang-war breaks out. When Inspector Kishan attempts to arrest Chaurasia, he is warned by his superior, ACP. Rahul then witnesses a murder being committed by Chaurasia's goon, Surya, but before he could do anything, he himself is killed. An enraged Kishan goes to kill Surya, but is prevented by thugs. Neena's goes into a depression and passes away. It is then Kishan, now suspended from the Police Force, takes a vow to avenge his brother's death, and this is when he will be thrown into a conflict, not only with the underworld, the Police, but also against Surya himself.
Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Salim Ghouse, more..
Rajiv Babbar
Release Date
Wed Nov, 12 1997

Cast Overview

Mithun Chakraborty
... Commando Arjun / Surya
Jackie Shroff
... Inspector Kishan
Salim Ghouse
... Lankeshwar
Ramya Krishna
... Kavita D. Kallu
Harish Kumar
... Rahul

Crew Overview

Rajiv Babbar
... producer
Anand Chitragupth
... Music
Milind Chitragupth
... Music
Udit Narayan
... singer
Sonu Nigam
... singer