Kashi, a wrestler and dutiful son, comes to Mumbai from Banaras with his father for medical treatment of his father. Back in his hometown he is known to be a kind-hearted fellow. However due to the unavailability of medicines he is forced to come with his father to Mumbai. Here he stays with his brother and he learns that the colony is being terrorized by a tyrannical gangster, Katya. A cruel, tyrannical gangster, Katya (Danny Denzongpa), has taken control of a small Indian village, ruling with an iron fist. A resident named Sachdev (Om Puri) secretly organizes a rebellion, but when Katya learns of his plans, the rabble-rouser is violently put to death for all to see. Hope for the villagers seems lost, until Shambu Nath (Amrish Puri) comes to town seeking medical attention. He is accompanied by his son, Kashi (Sunny Deol), who takes it upon himself to end the oppression he witnesses. Vowing to avenge the villagers and free them from the chains of abuse, Kashi is unaware of the danger in which he is putting innocent people, including his ailing father, his foster brother (Shiva), and Shiva's wife and children.
Sunny Deol, Meenakshi Seshadri, Danny Denzongpa, more..
Rajkumar Santoshi
Release Date
Fri Nov, 08 1996

Cast Overview

Sunny Deol
... Kashi Nath
Meenakshi Seshadri
... Gauri
Danny Denzongpa
... Katya
Mamta Kulkarni
... Sensational appearance
Amrish Puri
... Shambu Nath

Crew Overview

Rajkumar Santoshi
... Producer
Rajkumar Santoshi
... Story / Writers
Vanraj Bhatia
... Background Music
Ganesh Acharya
... Choreographers
Saroj Khan
... Choreographers