Gopal works as a servant with the Sharma family, which consists of Kedarnath, his wife: Shanti, daughters: Asha and Sunita, and son: Prabhat. Prabhat and Gopal are very friendly with each other. One day while playing with a loaded rifle, Prabhat accidentally shoots Gopal, and runs away, fearing that he will be arrested and sentenced to death. Gopal grows up in the Sharma family and is treated like a family member. Years later, Asha weds Suresh, who moves in with them, while Sunita becomes intimate and pregnant with Balwinder, and in order to avoid a scandal, gets married to him. Things change dramatically when Shanti's brother, Rajinder, colludes with Suresh and Balwinder to kill Kedarnath, who is rescued just in time by Gopal, who ends up in hospital. After recovering, Gopal returns home to find that Kedarnath is dead, and the family on the verge of being divided. Shanti decides to make Gopal the next heir to the Sharma estate, and shortly after that Prabhat, who read about his dad's passing, shows up. Gopal will soon find out that this is not the same Prabhat - as this new Prabhat lusts after Dr. Anju, who loves Gopal, and will soon collude with Rajinder, Balwinder, and Suresh to first discredit and humiliate Gopal, and have him dismissed, and then get rid of Shanti so as to take over the entire estate and the business.
Raza Murad, Shakti Kapoor, Sahila Chaddha, more..
Kawal Sharma
Release Date
Fri Dec, 20 1996

Cast Overview

Raza Murad
... Rajeshwar Nath
Shakti Kapoor
... Jagdish R. Nath/Prabhat K. Sharma
Sahila Chaddha
... Asha K. Sharma
Prem Chopra
... Rajinder 'Jinder'
Master Rajat Dubey
... Young Gopal

Crew Overview

Kawal Sharma
... producer
Ram Govind
... additional material
Rajeev Kaul
... Writing
Anu Malik
... Music
Dilip Dutta
... Cinematography