Adarsh (Sanjay Dutt) and Aniket (Govinda) are two brothers. Aniket is the elder, while Adarsh is the younger one. Both go to the same college, where Aniket finds that beautiful Guddi (Mamta Kulkarni) has a crush on him. He eventually also falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Adarsh is up to college pranks and practical jokes. One of these pranks and jokes land him into trouble in a girls only hostel. When the time comes to leave college and seek a career, both brothers chose a different path. What path will Adarsh chose? What path has been chosen for Aniket already?
Ishrat Ali, Somy Ali, Divya Bharti, more..
Aziz Sejawal
Release Date
Fri Mar, 03 1995

Cast Overview

Ishrat Ali
... Azad Deshpande
Somy Ali
... Anita
Divya Bharti
... Herself - Dedication
Sanjay Dutt
... Adarsh Pradhan
Vikram Gokhale
... Pradhan

Crew Overview

Sohail Maklai
... co-producer
Sajid Nadiadwala
... producer
Amar Haldipur
... Music
Shravan Rathod
... Music
Nadeem Saifi
... Music