Four Two Ka One ia a story of a girl Pooja knows her life partner Vijay as a CBI officer. Raja knows his friend Vijay as a small time thief.<br/>Chawla's bag is stolen. His assistants inform him it is Raja and Vijay who have stolen the bag. On inquiring, they come to know from the police that Vijay is a CBI officer.
Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Nikita Anand, more..
Anwar Khan
Release Date
Fri Jan, 11 2013

Cast Overview

Jimmy Shergill
... Vijay
Rajpal Yadav
... Raja
Nikita Anand
... Pooja
Sushant Singh
... ACP
Murali Sharma
... Chawla

Crew Overview

Sunil Shah
... Producer
Anwar Khan
... Story / Writers
Dipti Kaprani
... Costume Designers
T Nillay Pande
... Ex. Co Producers
Nandu Tilwani
... Ex. Co Producers