At Sona Spa you can buy your sleep! Anytime, day or night. In your dreams, you commit various kinds of crimes, now your sleep worker is the eye witness. Baba Dayanand (Naseerddin Shah) runs the Sona Spa. He says, it is necessary to commit crimes in your sleep or else you will commit them when awake. Good sleep = Good Thinking = Good Life !
Naseeruddin Shah, Aahana Kumrah, Shruti Vyas, more..
Makrand Deshpande
Release Date
Fri Mar, 22 2013

Cast Overview

Naseeruddin Shah
... Baba Dayanand
Aahana Kumrah
... Ritu
Shruti Vyas
... Rucha
Nivideta Bhattacharya
... Minakshi
Vineet Sharma
... Ritu's Father

Crew Overview

Madan Paliwal
... Producer
Makrand Deshpande
... Story / Writers
Shailendra Barve
... Background Music
Vitthal Patil
... Choreographers
Bhakti Joshi
... Costume Designers