A middle-classed resident of Andheri's Bharat Nagar, Professor Prabhat Kumar Varma, who teaches Hindi and Sanskrit; lives with his widowed mom, and sister, Madhu, is concerned about the city's crime levels. He approaches Police Commissioner Sathe, who in turn, deputes Inspector Dhamle to look into this matter. Then Professor Lalwani's sister-in-law, Sudha Advani, is abducted, sexually assaulted, and killed. The killer, identified as Suresh Thakur, is arrested, tried in Court, and acquitted after he proves that he was in Delhi at the time of incident. Prabhat and others form a vigilante group and chase criminal elements out of their area, much to the ire of their boss, Jagmohandas, who will soon ensure that Prabhat's world is turned upside down.
Raj Babbar, Smita Patil, Nana Patekar, more..
Ravi Chopra
Release Date
Fri Sep, 07 1984

Cast Overview

Raj Babbar
... Prof. Prabhat Kumar Varma
Smita Patil
... Public Prosecutor Rajni V. Deshmukh
Nana Patekar
... Jagmohandas
Om Shivpuri
... Judge
Dheeraj Kumar
... Prof. Lalwani

Crew Overview

B R Chopra
... Producer
... Music Director
Ravi Chopra
... Director
Hasan Kamaal
... Lyricist
Shabd Kumar
... Dialogue