Rahul (Rahul Roy) and Anu Verghese (Anu Aggarwal) are held by the police simultaneously on charges of creating a disturbance and running away, respectively. Rahul is angry with his dad for marrying a second time, while his first wife is still alive; Anu ran away from an oppressive girls' hostel run by Arnie Campbell (Tom Alter). They meet and love happens. Rahul helps Anu to be independent and seek a job. Anu is approached by a talent agent to be a model, which she accepts. Rahul wants to marry Anu but first must establish himself. He does establish himself as a singer but is under the impression that Anu helped him with his career. His ego is hurt, and he is resentful towards her. Anu then decides to better her career for which she must re-locate to Paris. Director Padam Singh persuades Anu to accompany him to Paris. When Rahul comes to stop her from boarding the flight, Anu decides to stay behind to renew her relationship with Rahul.
Rahul Roy, Anu Aggarwal, Avtar Gill, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Fri Aug, 17 1990

Cast Overview

Rahul Roy
... Rahul
Anu Aggarwal
... Anu Verghese
Avtar Gill
... Police Inspector Deshpande
Tom Alter
... Arnie Campbell
Reema Lagoo
... Mrs. Vikram Roy

Crew Overview

Mukesh Bhatt
... Producer
Gulshan Kumar
... Producer
Akash Khurana
... Story / Writers
Robin Bhatt
... Story / Writers
Nadeem Saifee
... Music Director