Two people from different strata in society, Chandni and Neeraj will do anything to get there obligations carried out. While Chandni always dreams of a luxurious life, Neeraj wants some of his assignments them be complete. Chandni travels to Bombay, gets married to rich and wealthy, Dr. Rana, and moves in with him. Neeraj gets married to beautiful and attractive starlet Sarita. Both has now thought that there respective lives is settled, unknown to them that they has thrown there lives in jeopardy.
Rajesh Khanna, Tina Munim, Deven Verma, more..
Shakti Samanta
Release Date
Fri Sep, 27 1985

Cast Overview

Rajesh Khanna
... Neeraj
Tina Munim
... Chandni
Deven Verma
... Karim
Shakti Kapoor
Om Parkesh
... Khan

Crew Overview

Kusum Nirula
... Producer
Rajesh Khanna
... Producer
Shakti Samanta
... Director
Rahul Dev Burman
... Music Director
Asha Bhosle
... Singers