Neha lives a very wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Kiran, and mom, Devika. She is in love with fellow-collegian-cum-boxer, Aryan Verma, much to the disapproval of her parents, who would like her to get married to Chirag from the USA, and dislike Aryan as he is an orphan, has no property, and lives in a rented flat. Neha has unprotected sex with Aryan, becomes pregnant, and with the help of her dad, has a quiet registered marriage with Aryan, much to the chagrin of her mom. Neha moves in with Aryan, and the first thing that happens is that his boxing coach, Ranveer Bagga, disqualifies him. Aryan gets a job with Far Sports, while Neha does commercial modeling, shortly after giving birth to a baby boy, Ranveer. An incident with Boxer Ranjeet Singh, forces Aryan to lose his job, he tries elsewhere but finds out that he has been blacklisted. Sitting at home, watching TV, brooding about his failures, Aryan starts suspecting Neha of having an affair with her boss, Sameer. Watch what happens when Aryan confronts Neha and she angrily accepts having an affair with Sameer.
Sneha Ullal, Puneet Issar, Inder Kumar, more..
Abhishek Kapoor
Release Date
Fri Dec, 15 2006

Cast Overview

Sneha Ullal
... Neha
Puneet Issar
... Ranveer
Inder Kumar
... Ranjeet
Farida Jalal
Satish Shah

Crew Overview

Poonam Khubani
... Producer
Vipin Anand
... Producer
Abhishek Kapoor
... Story / Writers
Anand Raj Anand
... Music Director
Abhishek Kapoor
... Director