The story of Chaahat – Ek Nasha- deals with Mallika Arora (Manisha Koirala), who is a pop star. She is blindly in love with Rahul Kapoor (Aryan Vaid), the owner of RK Music World. He thinks of her as his best friend only. Though she is physically attached towards Rahul, she does not want to tie the knot. Rahul and Mallika have had physical relations. However, when he proposes to her, she politely turns him down, saying that she does not believe in wedlock. She is strongly of the view that the instant a couple gets married, love and attraction glides away from their lives.<br/><br/>The story takes a new turn with the downfall of Mallika as all of her albums are flopping and she is becoming a fading star. Rahul launches a newcomer Rashmi Jaitly (Preeti Jhangiani) in his new music video. Rashmi's debut music video is a big hit and she becomes a star overnight. Rahul falls in love with her and Rashmi too reciprocates his feelings. Then, Rahul decides to marry her.<br/><br/>When this reality of Rahul's falling in love with Rashmi dawns upon Mallika, she is shattered. It is a big emotional shock to her. She gets drunk and orders her personal bodyguard Jaidev (Sharad Kapoor) to knock off Rahul. However, the next morning, when her alcoholic intoxication vanishes, Mallika realizes her mistake and calls up Jaidev in order to stop him from killing Rahul.<br/><br/>But Jaidev, who is in one-sided love with Mallika, is all set to eliminate Rahul. A dangerous game begin, in which Mallika wants to save her love at any cost.
Aryan Vaid, Manisha Koirala, Preeti Jhangiani, more..
Jay Prakash, Surya Prakash
Release Date
Fri Feb, 11 2005

Cast Overview

Aryan Vaid
... Rahul Kapoor
Manisha Koirala
... Mallika Arora
Preeti Jhangiani
... Rashmi S. Jaitly
Sharad S. Kapoor
... Jaidev - Mallika's body
Sayaji Shinde
... Manmohan Rangeela

Crew Overview

Umesh Chouhan
... Producer
Meeraq Mirza
... Story / Writers
Umesh Jadhav
... Choreographers
Anna Singh
... Costume Designers
Shaheed Aamir
... Costume Designers