Madan comes from a poor family background. Unable to find employment, he takes to gambling in a big way. He makes a lot of money, and decides to open a gambling den, where he makes even more money. He meets with sophisticated and cultured Dr. Rajani, and both are attracted to each other. But Rajani's dad does not approve of Madan nor of his background, and would prefer that Rajani marry Inspector Ramesh. Rejected, Madan meets with vivacious and outgoing Meena, and romances her. Then Inspector Ramesh arrests Madan and imprisons him for the murder of Meena, who was killed with a revolver with Madan's fingerprints on it.
Dev Anand, Geeta Bali, Roopa Verman, more..
Guru Dutt
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1951

Cast Overview

Dev Anand
... Madan
Geeta Bali
... Leena
Roopa Verman
Kalpana Kartik
... Rajani

Crew Overview

Dev Anand
... Producer
Balraj Sahni
... Story / Writers
Guru Dutt
... Story / Writers
S D Burman
... Music Director
Guru Dutt
... Director