Ever since his birth, Deepak has been led to believe that he has brought nothing but bad luck to everyone around him. His dad passes away on the day of his birth, shortly thereafter his mom passes away in shock. When his sister, Rekha, and he are looked after by their maternal uncle, Dayal Das, their house collapses, but they find some hidden jewelry and are able to better their lives, but both siblings are ill-treated by Dayal's wife, Tara. When the time comes for Rekha to get married to Rajesh, who is Tara's nephew, and the son of miserly Anokhilal, she is asked never to speak nor visit Deepak ever again, to which she reluctantly agrees. Dayal's son, Anantram, who has fallen in bad company and in the clutches of a prostitute, Shyama alias Chandni, squanders away the wealth as well as mortgages their house, leaving an ailing Dayal, Tara, and Deepak destitute. The question remains: Is Deepak really a harbinger for bad luck for everyone around him; will he ever get a better life and be re-united with his sister?
Abhi Bhattacharya, Dhumal, Bipin Gupta, more..
Release Date
Wed Jan, 01 1969

Cast Overview

Abhi Bhattacharya
... Deepak's dad
... Dharamraj
Bipin Gupta
... Kedarnath
... Anantram 'Anant' D. Das
... Rekha

Crew Overview

Kala Mandal
... Producer
Dattaram Wadkar
... Music Director
... Director