Unable to conceive, Thakurain Lajjo enlists the help of her maid, Mahua, and approaches a demon named Nevla, who assures her that she will indeed give birth but if it's a daughter, then she must surrender her to him, to which she agrees. Shortly thereafter, she gives birth to a daughter, Kamya, but refuses to surrender it. Mahua poisons her, abducts Kamya, and takes her to Nevla, but Thakur Pratap Singh intervenes just in time, banishes the former to a coffin in a cavern, and rescues his daughter. 18 years later, Kamya herself will be compelled to approach and resurrect Nevla in order to win the love of Kumar - who she is obsessed with - and will do anything to make him her's forever.
Hashmat Khan, Manjeet Kaur, Raza Murad, more..
Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay
Release Date
Fri Jun, 01 1990

Cast Overview

Hashmat Khan
Manjeet Kaur
Raza Murad
Aruna Irani

Crew Overview

Tulsi Ramsay
... Producer
Dev Kishan
... Story / Writers
Shyam Ramsay
... Story / Writers
Anand Chitragupth
... Music Director
Milind Chitragupth
... Music Director