At one time Mr. Ajmera lived a middle-class lifestyle along with his wife, Sumitra and daughter, Sheena. He was friendly with another middle-class man, who lived with his wife and son, Sameer. Both friends decided that they will get Sheena and Sameer married when they come of age. Ajmera went on to get wealthy, and forgot about Sheena and Sameer's marriage, while Sameer's dad passed away leaving his widow and son to live a poor lifestyle. Years later Sameer has grown up and his mom wants him to get married to Sheena much to the displeasure of Ajmera who wants her to get married to his wealthy partner's son. Sheena, who loves challenges, asks Sameer to abduct her and take her to Gateway of India in Mumbai and it is then and only then will she marry him. Sameer agrees to this and both run away. What Sameer does not know is that Sheena has asked Shekhar to stop Sameer at any and all costs, little knowing that Shekhar is not who he is claiming to be, and has a secret agenda of his own.
Chandrachur Singh, Arshad Warsi, Anjala Zaveri, more..
Harry Baweja, Rajesh Singh
Release Date
Fri Sep, 05 1997

Cast Overview

Chandrachur Singh
... Sameer
Arshad Warsi
... Sameer
Anjala Zaveri
... Sheena
Mayuri Kango
... Reshma
Shakti Kapoor
... Ajmera

Crew Overview

Pammi Baweja
... Producer
Robin Bhatt
... Story / Writers
Akash Khurana
... Story / Writers
Vishal Bhardwaj
... Music Director
Harry Baweja
... Director