Rani Kaykayee, one of three wives of Ayodhya's Raja Dashrath, proposes that her step-son, the son of Rani Kaushalya, be crowned king, leading to preparation for his coronation. But things change suddenly after Manthra compels Kaykayee to change her mind. The latter demands two boons that were granted to her years ago - one of which is crown her son, Bharat, as king; and secondly banish Shri Ram for 14 years. When told, Ramji readily accepts and prepares to depart along with his wife, Devi Maa Sita, and brother, Lakshman. After his departure, a devastated Dashrath reflects on an incident in which he killed Shravan Kumar and got cursed by his blind parents, and when he finds that Ramji has left Ayodhya, passes away. Bharatji returns home and refuses to accept the crown and instead goes after Ramji to try and talk him out of leaving Ayodhya - albeit in vain - and returns crestfallen, still refusing the crown and taking a vow that he will immolate himself if his brother does not return after 14 years. Ramji will soon seek the assistance of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman after Shivbhakt Ravan abducts Sitaji, and a war will ensue. It is here that Lakshman will be grievously injured at the hands of Meghnath, the son of Ravanji, and can only be saved by herbs that grow on the Sanjivani mountains. Ramji is not aware that Hanumanji, who has offered to bring the herbs, will be mistaken as a threat by none other than Bharatji, who will attempt to do his best to stop him from carrying out this crucial mission to save Lakshmanji.
Sohrab Modi, Ashish Kumar, Indrani Mukherjee, more..
Babubhai Mistri
Release Date
Fri Jan, 01 1965

Cast Overview

Sohrab Modi
Ashish Kumar
Indrani Mukherjee
Leela Mishra
Anand Kumar

Crew Overview

P.N. Shukla
... Producer
Vasant Desai
... Music Director
Babubhai Mistri
... Director
Bharat Vyas
... Lyricist
Kamlakar Karkhanis
... Editor