Sulochana, a young mother of two sons, accepts forced widow-hood and has to leave her home in search of a bright future of her both the pearls. . Unable to bear the panges of hunger he sons drive he to desperation. She gets involved in an accident while saving the life of a millionaires only daughter Leela. Out of sheer exhaustion she does not live through the ordeal and loses conciousness only regain it in the millionaires house in the far off city to the tragic realisation of having lost both her sons. Her search was fruitless. . The millionaire, by his will, names Sulochana guardian of Leela. Fate ordains her sons Anand and Gopi to grow up in totally different environments. Anand is rescued by Inspector Ram Prakash and is given a decent shelter. Gopi finds a home in the house of a known anti-social element. . Anand turns out to be a good, educated and conscientous man, whereas Gopi has been denied all that is good in life and has become a hunted criminal. . Unaware of their relationship Gopi and Anand become Arch enemies, thristy of blood. . After his release from jail Jeevan frantically seaches Inspector Ramprakash to take revenge for having wrongfully spoilt his life. . Jeevan meets Gopi and has to Join his nefarious activities. He forces him to murder Anand, the only thron of his life, heartthrob of Leela with whom she was destined to marry. . Did the brother get his brother killed? . Was Jeevan successful in taking his revenge? . Was the eternal quest of the devoted mother rewarded? . What was the outcome of the forced widohood of the mother and two sons? . Did the arch enemies reconcile? . And how Leelas love bears fruits is to be seen in uniquely suspenseful and romantic film "Bikhre Moti".
Jeetendra, Babita, Kamini Kaushal, more..
Tapi Chanakya
Release Date
Fri Jan, 01 1971

Cast Overview

Kamini Kaushal

Crew Overview

Omi Arora
... Producer
Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar
... Music Director
Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma
... Music Director
Tapi Chanakya
... Director
Asha Bhosle
... Playback Singer